In 1996, we created the LEAD program as an alternative to telemarketing fund raising.  Our other objective was to better educate the public on the value our troopers bring to their respective states, something often misunderstood.  That said, the money is what our Associations most depend on  to continue their work and achieve their goals.   Because LEAD operates differently from other law enforcement fund raisers, we want to make sure our prospective clients understand how the donations are generated and how they are distributed.

First, it is important to understand that LEAD is not a fund raiser.  We are a fund raising consultant and are registered as such by the states we do business in.  This is an important and a valuable distinction to our clients.  All donations come directly to  your Association.

Because we do not directly receive the contributions from our fund raising programs, we are not required to register as full-blown fund raisers.  As such, neither ourselves nor our clients are  under the kind of scrutiny that may jeopardize our efforts or compromise our Associations' relationships with their state's command.  Our program is a cleaner, more professional and more effective way to raise funds.

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