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Starting Up

The LEAD program starts with a test mailing and progresses from there. The test will show the viability of the program in your state and help us identify who and how many we should mail.  If the test is successful,  we can proceed with integrating the results into our proprietary and highly successful long-term program.


The program is designed to gradually build a loyal and supportive donor base.  With the addition of new, active donors your net income will increase year upon year.


We design a solicitation package based on our market research and we test mail a predetermined number of households in your state.   The responses from this mailing come directly to your office.  We will evaluate those responses and use any donations from the test to fray the costs of the printing and postage. 

Once the results of the mailing have been inputted and evaluated, LEAD can make a determination of how effective our program will be in your particular state.  If we can clearly see that your Association will profit from the program we will proceed with the next step.  That step is the creation of a sophisticated analytical model that will identify every household in your state with the highest propensity to your respond to subsequent mailings from  your Association.

The Test

The Model

Consumer modeling has become more important to raising funds than anytime in the history of the fund raising industry.  We now have the capability to cross-match well over 1,000 consumer behavior variables from a proprietary donor file to almost every household in your respective state.  In plain language, it makes no sense to waste the cost of a stamp and a printed mail package on someone who won't support you.  In fact, the models we create for our clients s how us who is MOST likely to send a donation to your Association and who is MOST likely to continue sending in donations.

LEAD Marketing

Trooper Donor Service Office

7388 Highland Rd. Ste. 18

Baton Rouge, LA 70808


Office:    225-766-2294


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