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The Overview

Direct Mail: The Best Choice for 

Law Enforcement Fund Raising

Mail vs. Everything Else.

Ask anyone in sales.  A personal face-to-face sales meeting is absolutely the most effective way to get a contribution from a prospective donor.  It's also the most expensive and the most time consuming.  


Telemarketing was once a  good option.   Unfortunately, that's not the case today,  especially for law enforcement associations.


Right now, mail is absolutely the best medium  to reach the people most likely to support your Trooper Association.  And mail is more valuable than ever because there's less of it.   

We may see technology someday replace the mail with respect to raising money for law enforcement, but we're simply not there.   The vast majority of law enforcement donors are over 55 years old.  Yes, some donate on a web site using a credit card, but they have to be pre-sold, and then directed to that website.  

Targeted Mail 

Here lies the real secret to the success of the LEAD program.  We've had 25 years to hone our analytical demographic models.  By creating a  proprietary statistical model for each of our clients, we identify the people in your state most likely to respond to your solicitation.  That solicitation is a  LEAD mail piece, very convincing and specifically crafted to produce the most positive response.

Statistically Determined Design

Nothing is left to chance.  From design of the outer envelope, to the theme of each solicitation, everything is tested.  We use surveys, focus groups and our own extensive catalog of data to insure we making the most effective presentation to the people with the highest propensity to support you.

Building Relationships

We want to build better relationships  between the public and law enforcement.  This was our first objective when we started LEAD 25 years ago and it couldn't be more important today.  Building those relationships and keeping those relationships is the key to successful fund raising.

LEAD is a little different than any fund raiser you may have used in the past.  We sincerely believe we have a mission to help promote law enforcement.  No one works here who doesn't share our mission. Recent events have only made us even more determined.

Our clients don't  leave us.  Their success is our success.

Virginia Drills

LEAD Marketing

Trooper Donor Service Office

7388 Highland Rd. Ste. 18

Baton Rouge, LA 70808


Office:    225-766-2294


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