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Because we do not directly receive the contributions from our fund raising programs, we are not required to register as full-blown fund raisers.  As such, neither ourselves nor our clients are  under the kind of scrutiny that may jeopardize our efforts or compromise our Associations' relationships with their state's command.  Our program is a cleaner, more professional and more effective way to raise funds.

With law enforcement under the microscope right now, the LEAD program makes more sense than ever.


Law Enforcement Association

Direct Mail Fund Raising

  Data Based. Data Driven.

We Make You Money.

We Make You Look Good.

We Are the Gold Standard.

No Risks.  



At LEAD, we appreciate the sacrifices made by the men and women working in law enforcement.  Moreover, we believe in what the Associations do to improve conditions for law enforcement personnel.  For this reason, we are dedicated to our craft and committed to the most effective, most professional service we can provide.

We Are The Gold

Law Enforcement Association Direct Marketing has been successfully raising money with integrity for State Trooper Associations for over 25 years.


Direct mail is the only medium we use to solicit for funds. No one has been able to match our success in this arena.  


We Make You Money

Lots of it over time.  Your income, on the average increases every year.  Since it's inception, LEAD has netted millions of dollars for State Trooper Associations throughout the U.S.


With the LEAD program, your net income will trend upward year after year.

Zero Risks

Just to make sure our program will be successful in your state, we conduct a small test. Once that test tells us we're good to go, you are never at risk for any loss of income. All risks are assumed by LEAD. And there are no long-term contracts. 

There's a reason we've been at it for over 25 years when so many other fund raisers have fallen by the wayside:

Our clients have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

We Make You Look Good

The LEAD program is appreciated by your Command, by your Attorney General, and most important, by the public.

With our newsletters, we tell the people you have sworn to serve and protect about all the wonderful things  you do that will never be reported in the mainstream media.

LEAD acts as a consultant. There is no percentage split of the donations.  Contributions come directly to you.  It's clean.  It's positive.  It's the way to do business.

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Client Since 1999

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Client Since 2010

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Client Since 2013

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Client Since 2022

STFA Foundation

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LEAD brings to the table experts in many fields of fund raising. It's an exercise in creativity, strategy, marketing, statistics, production, coordination and financial management. 


Behind your direct mail package is countless hours of production and planning and years of expertise from dozens of professionals in the field.


LEAD's exclusive relationships with the top mail houses, statistical analysts, creative  and fulfillment shops and suppliers from all parts of the U.S. is these relationships that are responsible for the success of our programs.


By keeping production values high and costs low, we can return more capital to our Associations year after year.

LEAD by the numbers


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30 Mil

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LEAD Marketing

Trooper Donor Service Office

7388 Highland Rd. Ste. 18

Baton Rouge, LA 70808

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