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Since 1996


At LEAD, we appreciate the sacrifices made the men and women working in law enforcement.  Moreover, we believe in what the Associations do to improve conditions for law enforcement personnel.  For this reason, we are dedicated to our craft and committed to the most effective, most professional service we can provide.


LEAD is an acronym for Law Enforcement Association Direct Marketing.  Founded in 1996, LEAD has been successfully raising money with integrity for law enforcement associations for over 18 years.


Direct mail is the only medium we use to solicit for funds, and no one has been able to match our success in this arena.  LEAD uses sophisticated statistical models and consumer-driven marketing techniques to identify prospective donors.  Our goal is to create donor files based on a real relationship between the Association and the donor.  The result is a  fund raising program appreciated and supported by the donor public.


In addition to raising money, we want to foster an environment for a better understanding between the public and the law enforcement officers who risk everything to protect them and their property.



  • No Telemarketing

  • No Start Up Costs

  • LEAD Assumes All Risks

  • You Keep Most Of Your Donations

  • Appreciated By Your Command

  • Builds Good Will Among The Public

  • ​Most Effective Direct Mail Available

  • ​One Year Contract

  • LEAD Works With Your Existing Program

  • Your Income Typically Increases Yearly

  • You Retain Your Donor File


Unlike telemarketers, LEAD does not take a percentage.  Donations come directly to your Association, and less the cost of the postage and mail production, you keep the balance.  With an established donor file,  your association will typically net between 70%-80%.

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