Direct Mail:  Personal, Effective, Professional

Direct mail is the very best way to establish a long term relationship with a donor.  It's a medium that is honest and credible and allows the Association to tell its story to the contributing public  thoroughly and effectively.  LEAD's direct mail program can capture donors who ordinarily wouldn't give from telephone solicitations.  

The Test

LEAD takes all the financial risks up front for a mailing.  That's why we start  a new client with a test mailing.  We want to determine, immediately, if our program is suited for your state. It's like walking before you decide to run.

The Model

If the test looks positive, we take the respondent households from that test, study all of the demographic and psychographic variables of the respondents and cross-match those households with similar households in your state.

The Roll Out

The model tells us who to mail to and and how many to mail.  LEAD mails twice a year, spring and fall.  Prospects typically give at approximately 1%. Donors, those households who have given to you before, give at 15% initially and 10% when reminded four weeks later. 

The Response

Checks come straight to your office or to your bank.  LEAD records all the data from the responses and we use the data to fine-tune your future mailings.

The Money

LEAD bills the Association for printing, mailing, postage and production.  Once you pay the invoices, the rest of the money is yours.  The percentage retained by your Association is far greater than anything typically offered by a telemarketer.  The invoices will never be more than what you collect from the mailing.  Your risk is zero.

The Follow Up

LEAD responds to donor households with thank you letters and gifts.  Our Donor Service Center is set up to handle questions and requests from donors.

Relationship building is given top priority.  Our goal is make sure the donor will keep giving for many years.

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