It's not luck that has kept LEAD at the front of direct mail fund raising for law enforcement for almost two decades.


The principles behind our company and the service people that provide everything from printing to fulfillments are long-time experts in their crafts.  

A TRICKY BUSINESS:  Fundraising is best left to the experts.

LEAD brings to the table experts in many fields of fund raising. It's an exercise in creativity, strategy, marketing, statistics, production, coordination and financial management.  Fall down in any one area, and it could be disastrous for your campaign.


Behind that one small direct mail package is countless hours of production and planning and years of expertise from dozens of professionals in the field.


LEAD's exclusive relationships with the top mail houses, statistical analysts, creative  and fulfillment shops and suppliers from all parts of the U.S. is these relationships that are responsible for the success of our programs.


By keeping production values high and costs low, we can return more money to our Associations year after year.





"There is no better direct mail fundraiser

  for law enforcement than LEAD Marketing"   -  Lee Hilson, Sourcelink 

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